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Uncomfortable Coexistence

Lawrence McMahon 1845 – 1941 Jennie McMahon 1847 – 1907 The pyramid-shaped tomb of Lawrence McMahon, a retired pharmacy chain store businessman, and his wife, Jennie, in the Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was designed by Herman Buemming.  McMahon commissioned … Continue reading

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Adolphus Busch, Beer Baron

Adolphus Busch Born July 10, 1839, Kastel, Grand Duchy of Hesse (now Germany) Died October 10, 1913, Lindschied, Germany Certain foods go together like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, or salt and pepper. There are pairs of names … Continue reading

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Valentin Blatz, Beer Baron

Valentin Blatz Born October 1, 1826, Miltenburg, Germany Died May 26, 1894, Saint Paul, Minnesota Valentin Blatz, a German émigré, settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1849.  Blatz had worked in his father’s Bavarian brewery and others and plied the trade … Continue reading

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What to do with leftover turkey?

The Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621. They had made it through a harsh New England winter with a little more than half of the original group having survived it. For three days, the Pilgrims and … Continue reading

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The Temple of Athena

Many ancient classical designs are replicated in American graveyards, often in grand neoclassical mausoleums based on the designs of Greek and Roman temples.  The Greek temple, the Parthenon, is one such example that has been replicated. The temple atop the … Continue reading

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Taphophobia and a telephone

Martin Sheets 1853 – 1926 Susan Sheets 1859 – 1929 Ethel 13 months In the 19th Century there were cases of people who had been found to be buried alive, in fact, one researcher found hundreds of such cases. Out … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Joneses

The Soper Mausoleum in the Fairmount Cemetery at Denver, Colorado, was commissioned by Susan Soper in honor of her husband, Roger.  The mausoleum is constructed of rusticated sandstone, that is, the sandstone on the sides of the mausoleum are rough … Continue reading

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