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The Harp

The light and airy tones that emanate from the harp, etereal and almost mystical, have long been thought of as the sound of Heaven.  The harp has been considered the instrument of angels.

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The Dragon

The mythical creature–the dragon–has figured large in literature, movies, and culture, most especially in Eastern cultures.  The view of the dragon between the East and the West could hardly be more polar opposite.  In Western cutlure, the dragon for the … Continue reading

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When I walk around cemeteries, I look for symbols I have not seen and, of course, stellar examples of funerary art.  I have written before about the the Heart-in-Heart symbol but was struck by the pristine condition of the symbol found … Continue reading

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Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum

The crown with the initials V. M C. is a symbol representing the Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum, a membership organization founded by John A. Cummings and Dr. Darius Wilson in Boston on June 23, 1877.  The State of … Continue reading

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The Knights of Pythias, a society based on the Greek story of friendship from 400 B. C. between Damon and Pythias, became the very first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an Act of the United States Congress. Pythians … Continue reading

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The symbol above marks the grave of a woman who belonged to the Order of Pythian Sisters.  The organization is the auxillary organization for the Knights of Pythias.  On October 22-23, 1888, the Order was founded at Warsaw, Indiana, by Pythian … Continue reading

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Horseback Evangelism

The metal marker affixed to the gravestone shows a minister riding a horse.  The image is an appropriate one, especially for the Methodist clergy.  While many denominations had circuit riding ministers during the settlement of the Frontier, no single church … Continue reading

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