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Valentin Blatz, Beer Baron

Valentin Blatz Born October 1, 1826, Miltenburg, Germany Died May 26, 1894, Saint Paul, Minnesota Valentin Blatz, a German émigré, settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1849.  Blatz had worked in his father’s Bavarian brewery and others and plied the trade … Continue reading

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Everlasting Life

Ribeth Conson Appleby 1917 — 2000 James Scott Appleby 1921 — 1974 Annie De Prairie Appleby 1885 – 1952 The Appleby Family Monument features a bronze sculpture standing in front of a stone arched alcove. The diminutive woman is leaning … Continue reading

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Skull and Crossbones

The zinc KEESE Family Monument in the Rock Creek Cemetery at Washing D.C. displays symbols representing The Knights of Pythias—a knight’s helmet surmounts a shield with a skull and crossbones and three letters, “F”, “C”, and “B”, which stand for … Continue reading

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Claddagh Ring

Carved into a gray Vermont granite gravestone in the Hope Cemetery at Barre is a design consisting of three symbols—hands clasping a heart surmounted by a crown.  This design is a traditional ring design, known as a Claddagh ring.  Each … Continue reading

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PAPA MAX SCHUSTER BORN OCT. 12, 1850 DIED SEPT. 17, 1895   MOTHER Louisa Bindeman Schuster 1853 – 1918 The rustic movement of the mid-nineteenth century was characterized by designs that were made to look like they were from the … Continue reading

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