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Book and Crown

In keeping with the book theme of the past couple of days on the blog, carved on the top of this gravestone is an elaborately carved crown resting on a closed book with the following epitaph: “YE SHALL RECEIVE A CROWN OF GLORY, … Continue reading

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Open Book

The tombstone above is topped with an open book that has a mourning drape over the right corner of the column.  The open book is a fairly common symbol found on gravestones. The motif can represent the Book of Life with the … Continue reading

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Closed book

The white marble tombstone above has a closed book carved on it resting on top of a draped square column.  In Victorian times, heavy black drapery was used during funerals.  The use of it here represents mourning.  The closed book is … Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover

Herbert Clark Hoover, was the first president born west of the Mississippi and the first and only president born in Iowa.  Hoover was born August 10, 1874, to Quaker parents, Jessie and Hulda Minthorn Hoover, into a very modest two-room white … Continue reading

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Knights of St. John

The Knights of St. John, named for their patron saint, St. John the Baptist, is a fraternal organization for Catholic men founded May 6, 1886, in New York State.  The organization is the amalgamation of many organizations, such as, the Knights of St. George, the Knights … Continue reading

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Daughters of America

The metal marker above marks the grave of a member of the Daughters of America, a fraternal order founded in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1891 as the auxillary organization of the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics.  The eagle and the stars … Continue reading

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The Humble Bee

The humble bee is a symbol of industry and orderliness.  The bee society is highly organized and stratified, with each member of the hive charged with a task that it does each day, all day long.  The bees leave the hive … Continue reading

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