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What’s In a Name?

Isaiah Sellers 1802 – 1864 It seems that in many social gatherings, one of the first questions people ask one another is, “What do you do?”  It is as if a person’s occupation is who they are.  And, in fact, … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved!

Mystery solved thanks to three readers who have great detective skills.  Chris, Mary, and a reader only known by the alpha—letter combination “gsbo3632” jumped in and found pins on eBay for sale that gave the clue to the society known … Continue reading

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Metal Marker Mystery

GEO. F. VAN DEUSEN 1887 – 1910 The metal marker next to the George Van Deusen gravestone in the Woodland Cemetery in Jackson, Michigan, is a mystery.  The handshake appears to signify membership in a brotherhood, but I can’t unravel … Continue reading

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Zinc Open Book Marker

IDA L. BROWN WIFE OF J. D. BROWN BORN DEC. 10, 1858 DIED APR. 11, 1888 BLEST WITH A TEMPER WHOSE UNCLODED RAY, MADE TOMORROW AS PLEASANT AS TODAY The Riverside Cemetery, on a hillside just outside the city of … Continue reading

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