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In Stone and Iron

The A. C. Peck mausoleum and the Lynes-Peters mausoleum in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, both display the winged hourglass symbol prominently. The Peck mausoleum displays the symbol on the iron gate that guards the entrance to the tomb.  … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Crown

The stained-glass window in a mausoleum in the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, displays a radiant cross and crown. The crown is a symbol of glory and victory over death.  The reward awaits in Heaven where the victor will receive … Continue reading

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Walking Past the Mundane

Sometimes we walk by the mundane and pay no attention like I did recently in a cemetery in Kentucky.  Then when I looked across the cemetery, I suddenly spotted a wide variety of basket hangers. I must admit, I never … Continue reading

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Art Nouveau

The Tiedeman mausoleum in the Bonaventure Cemetery, in Savannah, Georgia, with a rounded roof line is an outstanding example of Art Nouveau design.  The flowing design on the bronze doors exhibit the characteristics of the movement that made it popular. … Continue reading

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