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Angel at the Door

WILLIAM TALBIRD CRENSHAW AUG. 2 1858 – MAY 4, 1911 NANNIE RUCKER CRENSHAW MARCH 23, 1861 – DEC. 1, 1940 She hath done what she could.   The Crenshaw Family Monument in the Westview Cemetery at Atlanta, Georgia, was built … Continue reading

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Grass Marker Beauty

Sociologist W. Lloyd Warner was one of the first to study graveyard iconography and burial practices. In 1959 Warner wrote a monograph, The Living and the Dead, where he asserted, “cemeteries are collective representatives which reflect and express many of … Continue reading

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  Marriage is tough. So tough that in the United States one in three marriages end in divorce. That, though, is nothing compared to how mating works in the animal kingdom. The female black widow spider, which is about half … Continue reading

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Cat Lover

In Loving Memory WHITFIELD Hal 1937-1984 Jean 1936-2008 The Hal and Jean Whitfield monument in the Lake View Cemetery at Seattle, Washington, has a whimsical look and message. Atop the gray polished granite shaft sits a sculpture of a round, … Continue reading

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Weeping Angel

William Wetmore Story (February 12, 1819 – October 7, 1895), the son of Joseph Story—Supreme Court Justice from 1811—1845, was a multitalented Renaissance man. Story was an editor, poet, art critic, and an incredible sculptor. Though trained as a lawyer … Continue reading

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The Four Evangelists

The Catholic Calvary Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania, has many tombs, gravestones, and markers imbued with Christian symbolism. One of the monuments in that cemetery has a display of all four of the Evangelists—St. Mark, St. John, St. Matthew, and St. … Continue reading

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Still Missing, Mystery Unsolved

The first private mausoleum built in the Crown hill Cemetery at Indianapolis, Indiana, is an example of the Egyptian Revival architecture found in many large urban cemeteries. The large sandstone mausoleum has many features of Egyptian temples–the cavetto cornice that curves into … Continue reading

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“Cogito ergo sum”

CARL A. NORGREN 1890 – 1968 JULIET E. NORGREN 1896 – 1987 On a bronze plaque on the side of the marker: “I CANNOT HELP BUT WONDER HOW I CAN CARELESS BE OF THE SWIFTLY PASSING MOMENTS THAT SEEK OBLIVION’S … Continue reading

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Preach Independence from the Pulpit

REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOT REV. JOHN WITHERSPOON SIGNER, DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE BORN FEBRUARY 5, 1722 DIED NOVEMBER 15, 1794 On this day, the 4th of July, it is good to remember that our independence from Great Britain was not assured. At the … Continue reading

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