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Prince Albert and Toledo, Ohio

LeROY McINTYRE LUDWIG 1840 – 1905 SAMANTHA A. SHERMAN LUDWIG 1853 – 1899 THEODORE L. LUDWIG 1973 — 1899 BESSIE HANCOX WIFE OF L. M. LUDWIG 1856 — 1930 NANCY A. LUDWIG 1809 – 1880 J. B. LUDWIG 1811 – … Continue reading

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Sleeping Cherub

Sculptures of cherubs often adorn the graves of children. Here, is an example found in the Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the top of a family tomb commemorating the grave of a five-year-old boy.  The chubby angel above … Continue reading

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Many Victorian cemetery monuments are imbued with a multitude of symbolism.  In David Robinson’s book, Saving Graces, mourning figures from some of the most beautiful and famous cemeteries in Europe show sculpted beautiful, young, and voluptuous women often wearing revealing clothing mourning the … Continue reading

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The vigilant rooster

The rooster atop the Vandenweghe Family tomb in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, most likely represents vigilance and awakening.  One can also imagine how the rooster crowing at the first rays of sunlight in the morning can also symbolize the … Continue reading

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