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Jesus Christ and the Cross

The Latin Cross is universally recognized as the symbol of Christianity. While it may look simple to the eye, the symbol is imbued with deep meaning to all Christians. After the trial, Christ is mocked by the Roman soldiers. He … Continue reading

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A Christmas Classic

HELMS ROBERT “BOBBY” LEE AUGUST 15, 1933 JUNE 9, 1997 —HERE LIES A LEGEND— Mr. JINGLE BELL ROCK BLESSED ARE THEY THAT MOURN FOR THEY SHALL BE COMFORTED       MATTHEW 5:4 At this time of year, radio stations are playing classic … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults–The Burial Kind

ALPHONSE CAPONE 1899- – 1947 MY JESUS MERCY MAE CAPONE 1897 – 1986 Gonzo reporter, Geraldo Rivera, had a two-hour television special which aired on April 21, 1986, titled, The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults. For a time, Capone had … Continue reading

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The Soul Takes Flight

The limestone gravestone in the Mt. Elliott Cemetery at Detroit, Michigan of “Louie” is faded, erosion has taken a toll. The scroll below the cherub is hard to read—but it clearly says that Louie was the son of John and Annie.  The … Continue reading

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Cemetery Hound

A cast iron Newfoundland stands guard over the grave of two-year old Florence Bernadine Rees, the daughter of Thomas B. and Elizabeth S. Rees, who died on February 7, 1862, of scarlet fever. Her obituary from the February 8th Richmond … Continue reading

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Furry Family Members

THOMAS C. BOETTICHER FEB. 9, 1912 APRIL 10, 1994   BETTY L. BOETTICHER MARCH 18, 1916 DEC. 18, 2013   Thomas Boetticher was a dog lover which becomes obvious by the monument marking the graves of the Boettichers in the … Continue reading

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Guard Dog

MAYME WIFE OF EDWARD C. HUFF 1181 – 1924   HUSBAND EDWARD C. HUFF 1883 – 1942 Just up the hill from the Edwin Miller gravestone in the Locust Hill Cemetery at Evansville, Indiana, a limestone dog stands guard over … Continue reading

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