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A Boy and His Dog

EDWIN SON OF C. & A. MILLER Apr. 11, 1914 Oct 7, 1923 Edwin, the 9-year old son of Clarence and Anna Miller, has a gray marble gravestone in the Locust Hill Cemetery at Evansville, Indiana, marking his grave. The … Continue reading

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The Scroll and the Palm Frond

LAURA PHIBBS WIFE OF DR. C. N. WYMAN DIED DEC. 22, 1922 Two nearly identical monuments (The Scott Family monument and the Laura Phibbs monument) in the Springdale Cemetery at Madison, Indiana, both depict a mourning figure holding a scroll. … Continue reading

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Italian Model or Angel, updated

There is a story about “the girl in the shadow box”. It is an ancient story told and re-told of unrequited love that is also told about this statue. According to local St. Louis lore, the Herman Luyties’ (1871-1921) Monument in … Continue reading

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The Knight’s Helmet

The Knights of Pythias metal marker features many of the symbols that are significant to the Knights.  A knight’s helmet sits atop crossed battle axes with three letters, “F”, “C”, and “B”, which stand for the fraternal organization’s motto, FRIENDSHIP, … Continue reading

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Members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, like many other society members, choose to be buried in common burial grounds.   Sometimes these burials are in separate graveyards and in other cases a portion of the cemetery is dedicated to the … Continue reading

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A Carver’s Legacy, Take Two

Michael Shea of Rochester, New York read the gravelyspeaking blogpost about Ivan Adams—the Bloomington stone carver who carved the simple and elegant depiction of the Virgin Mary to mark his own grave. Mr. Shea has shared photos of a statue, … Continue reading

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Straw Hats

KATIE DAU. OF P.M. & M. J. MOBLEY DIED OCT. 24, 1890 AGED 6Y. 5M. 9D. LITTLE AUSBORN M. & A. E. FINN. BORN JAN. 31, 87 DIED FEB. 13. 90. ZORA DAU OF J.C. & M. E. BENDER MAR. … Continue reading

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Halloween Aftermath

The day after Halloween, jack o’ lanterns turned up in Rosehill Cemetery at Bloomington, Indiana.

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Take a seat

The rustic movement of the mid-nineteenth century was characterized by designs that were made to look like they were from the country. Elegant and slim curved lines in furniture gave way to bulkier and heavier forms made from pieces that … Continue reading

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The Plow

  JAMES PATTERSON BORN OCT. 10, 1823, DIED JUNE 11, 1886 Gone but not forgotten JOHN PATTERSON DIED AUG. 13, 1873, AGED 76 YRS. 4 MOS. 9 DYS. SARAH, WIFE OF JOHN PATTERSON, DIED SEPT. 5, 1854, IN THE 46TH … Continue reading

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