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Double Take

The Egyptian Revival was an architectural movement that swept the United States and Europe.  The movement in America was influenced by three separate events—the first was Napoleon’s defeat of Egypt in the 1790s.  Later Napoleon published the results of his … Continue reading

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James Cash Penny, Jr.

The light gray granite mausoleum belongs to J. C. Penny (September 16, 1875 – February 12, 1971) the American businessman and department chain founder that bears his name. The mausoleum is relatively plain, except for the elaborate repeating pattern surrounding … Continue reading

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The Gates Mausoleum

  The Gates Mausoleum (not Bill Gates, who is very much alive) in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is a massive display of wealth.  Robert “Bet-a-Million” Warne Gates, who made a fortune manufacturing and selling barbed wire and founding … Continue reading

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Double Headstones

In the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts, there are two gravestones, each memorializing a man and a wife’s life on the same gray slate gravestone.  Both gravestones are of similar design, with the willow and urn motif displayed in … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Romantic Era

Sacred to the memory of MRS. POLLY MANTOR Wife of Capt. Jeremiah Mantor Who died Oct. 19, 1817 Aged 31 years 8 mos & 3 days My friend and colleague, Tom, vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and during one of his … Continue reading

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