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James Cash Penny, Jr.

The light gray granite mausoleum belongs to J. C. Penny (September 16, 1875 – February 12, 1971) the American businessman and department chain founder that bears his name. The mausoleum is relatively plain, except for the elaborate repeating pattern surrounding … Continue reading

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The Gates Mausoleum

  The Gates Mausoleum (not Bill Gates, who is very much alive) in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is a massive display of wealth.  Robert “Bet-a-Million” Warne Gates, who made a fortune manufacturing and selling barbed wire and founding … Continue reading

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Mourning Figure

MORAN Mary to her Savior’s tomb Hasted at the early dawn Spice she brought and rich perfume. KATHERINE A.         LINUS JAMES J. The Design Hints for Memorial Craftsmen was an industry publication for stone cutters and monuments … Continue reading

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Victorian Weepers

  In David Robinson’s book, Saving Graces, mourning figures from some of the most famous cemeteries in Europe depict sculptures of beautiful, young, and voluptuous women often wearing revealing clothing as they mourn the dead. Often these sepulchral figures are … Continue reading

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Neo-classical mourning figure

IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOHN SPENCER BORN 1811 – DIED 1854 CATHERINE SPENCER BORN 1811 – DIED 1874 MARY ANN SPENCER BORN 1840 – DIED 1919   Adolph Alexander Weinman (December 11, 1870 – August 8, 1952) was a noted … Continue reading

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ROBERT GOLDEN DONALDSON 1876 – 1940 ANTOINETTE COLETTE DONALDSON DIED SEPT 13, 1927 In his book, Saving Graces, published by W. W. Norton & Company in 1995, David Robinson identified four categories of “Saving Graces”: Women completely overcome by grief, often portrayed … Continue reading

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Frederick Pabst, Beer Baron

Frederick Pabst March 28, 1836 – January 1, 1904 Frederick Pabst was born in the small Saxon village in what was then the Kingdom of Prussia.  When he was twelve, he immigrated to the United States with his father and … Continue reading

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