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Valentin Blatz, Beer Baron

Valentin Blatz Born October 1, 1826, Miltenburg, Germany Died May 26, 1894, Saint Paul, Minnesota Valentin Blatz, a German émigré, settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1849.  Blatz had worked in his father’s Bavarian brewery and others and plied the trade … Continue reading

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Everlasting Life

Ribeth Conson Appleby 1917 — 2000 James Scott Appleby 1921 — 1974 Annie De Prairie Appleby 1885 – 1952 The Appleby Family Monument features a bronze sculpture standing in front of a stone arched alcove. The diminutive woman is leaning … Continue reading

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Skull and Crossbones

The zinc KEESE Family Monument in the Rock Creek Cemetery at Washing D.C. displays symbols representing The Knights of Pythias—a knight’s helmet surmounts a shield with a skull and crossbones and three letters, “F”, “C”, and “B”, which stand for … Continue reading

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Claddagh Ring

Carved into a gray Vermont granite gravestone in the Hope Cemetery at Barre is a design consisting of three symbols—hands clasping a heart surmounted by a crown.  This design is a traditional ring design, known as a Claddagh ring.  Each … Continue reading

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PAPA MAX SCHUSTER BORN OCT. 12, 1850 DIED SEPT. 17, 1895   MOTHER Louisa Bindeman Schuster 1853 – 1918 The rustic movement of the mid-nineteenth century was characterized by designs that were made to look like they were from the … Continue reading

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The stony entrance of This Sepulcher — GRENN MOUNT CEMETERY Dedicated Sept 15, 1855 — STOWELL BURIAL PLACE Ledge work commenced – Completed November 3 1898 KATE K STOWELL 1874 – 1968 STOWELL LOWE 1893 – 1925 RUTH L. DEMING … Continue reading

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Real or Imagined?

Stories abound of the supernatural—apparitions that appear in gossamer gowns that fade into the murky night air, screams emanating from the “haunted” cemetery, sculptures that have eyes that glow red after dark.  How do these stories get started?  Are the … Continue reading

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