Daughters of America

Miami Cemetery, Miamitown, Ohio

The metal marker above marks the grave of a member of the Daughters of America, a fraternal order founded in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1891 as the auxillary organization of the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics. 

The eagle and the stars above the shield represent patriotism, the open Bible in the shield symbolizes religion.  Below the Bible are clasping hands, representing the unity of membership.

Miami Cemetery, Miamitown, Ohio

The Daughters of America organization was founded as part of the anti-immigrant movement in the later part of the 19th Century. The organization admits white males and females of good moral character.  Following are the main tennets of the order:

Resist unrestricted immigration

Help Americans find employment

Encourage the growth of American businesses

Support Bible reading in public schools

Oppose sectarian influences in state and national governmental affairs

Promote the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics

Provide funds to support orphans of deceased DOA members

Provide funds for the aged and infirmed members of the organization

Maple Grove Cemetery, Hooven, Ohio


Miami Cemetery, Miamitown, Ohio

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48 Responses to Daughters of America

  1. Ken Smith says:

    My great great grandmother was a member of Daughters of America. She lived in Miami, OH and was a member of a Methodist Evangelical church. I have pins, photos, and ribbons from the organization. My great grandmother may have been a member as well in Los Angeles, CA. I am interested in gathering information about any D of A museums or historical societies.

    • valerie says:

      Quite a few of my relatives belonged to the D of A. The pics on this page of the Miamitown Cemetery is where a lot of them were buried. I have little info on them other than I have my grandmothers pin and remember her attending meetings. If you find any othe rinformation, I’d love to know about it. Thanks! Valerie:

  2. Don Mc Donald says:

    I am most interested in any ifo that i can get on the D of A. My grandmother was a member and I have found her paperwork in a box of old papers left to me. It shows her as Deputy State Councilor in Little River , Florida, march 25, 1959 and moved there from Bluefield West Virginia. I am trying to trace family heritage and history. Thanks Capt Don captdonmcdonald@aol.com

  3. My great grandfather (John MacLean, 70, of Ridge Road,) died suddenly of a heart attack on Tuesday (Jul. 13, 1954) at his home in Gasport, Niagara County, New York. He was a retired telephone man, had lived in Gasport for the past year.
    He was born in Patterson, N. J. Sept. 1, 1883, he was associated with New Jersey Bell Telephone for 31 years. He was a member of the Daughters of America, No. 39 of Patterson and the Pioneer Bell Telephone Company. I am interested in obtaining as much info as possible about his role within the D. of A.
    Thank you, Andrew Jacob Palamidy ajp_4577@hotmail.com

    • Vickie Smith, National Secretary says:

      Mr. Palamidy, The Jr.O.U.A.M. and the D of A, are two separate organizations. We have none of their records. Although the D of A, at one time, was a sister group, and would hold their state conventions in conjunction with ours; their business meetings were held separately, and we have no minutes from any of their meetings. The D of A has not met with the Jr. OUAM in many years, and we have no contact information. I am sorry we could not be of any help.

  4. My maternal grandmother, and later my grandfather (an officer of the local Jr. OUAM) (Elmira and Haldon Carty) were heavily involved in the Belmar NJ area. I have so much of their pins and other items, along with a National Laws booklet and even the minutes book of D of A meetings up to the time of my grandmother’s death. Does the D of A still exist? I can’t find any info on them, at least in NJ. Thanks. Gary Crawford – crawsat@juno.com

  5. Lisa Johansen says:

    My great great grandmother was a D of A member near Portsmouth Ohio until her death in 1918. Since her husband had passed just 3 weeks prior (during the great flu outbreak), the D of A paid her funeral expenses and assisted in the placement of their orphans in an educational/trade facility. I would like to know if the organization still exists?

    • The Daughters of America was an organization founded and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to Wikipedia they still existed in 1997, but that is the latest information I have been able to find.

  6. Henry Shinn says:

    I am seeking any memorabilia for the Daughters. My mother was a past Councilor for NJ

    • Hi Henry,

      Please do keep me updated if you find out anything, concerning the memorabilia from the Daughters of America and your mother. My great grandfather (John William Maclean) was in the New Jersey DoA, also. He was buried within the Hartland Central Cemetery in Gasport, Niagara County, New York. On Sept. 1, 1883, he was born in Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. On July 13, 1954, he died of a sudden heart attack. He volunteered for both World Wars (I & II). His last job, in which he retired from, was with A.T.&T. in New York. I am still busy researching and trying to locate as much as I can.

      Take care.

      Andrew Jacob Palamidy

    • Tom Sufts says:

      Do you know what council she belonged to. Was the council in Essex county NJ

      • Kenneth Smith says:

        Is there a museum for Daughters Of America? I have some memorabilia from either Cincinnati or Los Angeles. My great grandmother was in both conferences.

      • Gwen says:

        Sara Bell is the Secretary to the National Council Daughters of America.
        5506 Bertha Street, Indianapolis , IN 46241


      • Richard Dunn says:

        Gwen, would she have any info of Dayton,Oh in the 40’s , I have certificates my mother won..

  7. Mandi says:

    The Daughters of America is still active. I am a freshman in college and am an active member of the Community Council 47 of Indiana. There are few of us left and many of the members are dieing out. Literally. We are looking for new members. I am going to give you the email for the national secretary to get in contact:

    Also, this is different from the Daughters of American Revolution. We are two separate organizations and there are different ones over the nation.

  8. Beverly Smith says:

    I am trying to find information on my deceased mother’s membership to Daughters of America, Council 101 Martha Washington from Delta, Pennsylvania. Can anyone guide me?

  9. Margaret Garrison says:

    My name is Margaret Garrison( maiden name Voorhees) I’m writing to see if my ancestors were members of the D of A. I have a beautiful pin. It belonged to my Grandmother and she gave it to me when I was young. Her name was Carolinr Harpersberger Voorhees. Thank you.

  10. Lea says:

    Hi, I own many Daughters of America pins. I have somewhere around fifty metal and seventy five button types. Some of the metal ones dangle approximately four inches, sometimes with a fabric American flag attached. They are mostly from various Ohio locations, sometimes have the members name and photo along with the office that the member held. I did not go through them all but one is dated 1913. I am interested in selling the lot of them. I am in Cincinnati. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thanks!

  11. Gwen Hall says:

    I am a current member of Daughters of Amercia Chester Council 323. Chrster Ohio. We still meet the first and se puns Tuesday’s of each month. D of A is no longer a secret society. Our meetings are open to the public. If anyone wants to attend . Let me know:) ghall@windstream.net

    • Hello Gwen Hall,

      I received your recent e-mail below:

      I am a current member of Daughters of Amercia Chester Council 323. Chrster Ohio. We
      still meet the first and se puns Tuesday’s of each month. D of A is no longer a secret society.
      Our meetings are open to the public. If anyone wants to attend . Let me know:) ghall@windstream.net
      Since you are stating that DoA (Daughters of America) are no longer a secret society, I do
      have a question, hopefully, you can assist me in finding an answer to…

      My great grandfather was a member of DoA, possibly in Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey if not
      among Gasport, Niagara, New York. He joined the New Jersey Bell Telephone for employment
      within January of 1917 and retired (there) within September of 1948. Since I really didn’t know
      anything about him, can the DoA help me in finding out what type of person he was?


      P.S. Previously, at 11:21 pm on January 18, 2015, I sent an e-mail to this DoA…

  12. Shirley K. Stout says:

    Is there a group gathering anyplace near Jacksonville Florida 32225. My email is ikeeplifesimple@att.net and my name is Shirley Kay Stout. (Stratton) was my name on the membership forms in Norfolk Virginia. My mother’s name is Shirley B. Johnson and my sister’s name is Helen M. Sands. We were members back in the 60s or 70s… If there is anyone to contact concerning our memberships, please send me the information needed to peruse more information for my daughter and granddaughter to join. Your help would be greatly appreciated. My address in the 60s and 70s was the same as my mother’s. 141 Hurdle Dr. Chesapeake Va.( or possibly Norfolk Va.) 23320. This was before Chesapeake was founded.. Thank you Sincerely, Shirley Johnson Stratton Stout. Address now is 10569 Airport Terrace Dr. Jacksonville Florida. 32225. Present phone number 904-290-0453

  13. Shirley Stout says:

    Can someone please contact me at ikeeplifesimple@att.net or 904-290-0453.. Sincerely, Shirley K. Stout

  14. Debra Allison says:

    Does anyone have any information on the Daughters of America uniforms? I believe my grandmother was a member in Cincinnati. I have a photo of her in a uniform of some sort, white blouse with tie and stripes on the collar and arms, skirt, and hat. It is from the early 1920s. I’m trying to determine if this is her uniform from the D. of A. Thanks!


    • Mandi says:

      My mother and grandmother were in it and I am in it now. White was the color they were supposed to wear, skirt or dresses, no pants for women. They did have capes at some point, but I don’t know when. Hope that helps!

  15. Beverly J. Schweighart says:

    My grandmother was 51 year member of Nathan Hale Council, No. 93, D. of A., Dr. when she passed away in 1979. She was the 1st one initiated into her Council if I understand correctly. At the time of her passing, she lived in ILL, but always kept her membership in Baltimore, MD. Does this Council still exist? I’d appreciate any information I could get. Thank you for your time.

  16. William Cooper says:

    My grandmother was possibly a D of A. She was born in Harrington, Delaware, and lived in Fremont, Ohio from 1921 to 1957. Her name was Anna Belle Hoey Cooper. Were there councils in either place and is it possible to check a national register? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  17. Sharon Walters-Coffing says:

    My grandmother and my mother and I were members of Lyon Council #2 in St. Louis, Missouri. They were both past State Councilors, I just went up through the chairs. It was disbanded many years ago just no interest from young people in a fraternal organization. Very sad. I remember being in many parades with our white uniforms, white shoes and proudly carrying an American Flag. I was and always will be so proud to be a member!! So happy to hear it is still in existence.

    • Beverly says:

      My grandmother has a plate, pictures & pin that we would like to give back to DA, She belonged in Ferguson, MO 1924-50’S

  18. Barbara Boram says:

    My husband’s great grandmother was Mrs. Mary Walsh Boram of Baltimore who was the first female president of that organization in October 1900. We do not have any pins or ribbons from her office. I wonder if one could get duplicates? Thanks, Barbara Boram vanboerum2@outlookcom

  19. Terry Griest says:

    I am trying to find a company that still makes grave markers for the D of As. My mother was a proud member for years.

  20. Kdudley says:

    I just found of picture of my late grandmother being crowned, she’s wearing some type of robe and sitting on a tall throne like chair. Looks to be around 1950-60? If I had to guess. There are flags hanging in the background, the one front and center I can make “of America” But nothing else. Some told me this was a “Daughters of America” ceremony but I’m having trouble confirming or finding information. Can anyone help me find more info on the Daughters of America or verify this sounds like a picture of a ceremony they held? And if so what it was for? VERY CURIOUS!

    • Sharon Coffing says:

      I was a member of D of A and so was my mom and my grandma, I am now 77 soooo, as you can see we had a lot of meetings between all of us and I never remember any ceremony like that with robe and crown.   I am thinking that just maybe that could be Jobe Daughters.  I was not one of their members but I know they were also extremely patriotic.  We were all members of Lyon Counsel #2 Daughters of America, St. Louis, Missouri……….So sad these fraternal organizations are fading.If I recall anything I will email you. Sharon 

    • Mandi R says:

      Hello! I’m an active member in an Indiana chapter of Daughter’s of America. I’m a younger member, but about third generation in the club.
      I am not aware of any crowning ceremony that has taken place. I asked a couple senior members and they don’t recall of some either.

      • Richard C Whitesell says:

        I am looking for any information on “Court Little Rose” which was in Ellenburg, New York in the 1940’s. Little Rose was a stigmatic who died in 1936 and had a large following and I have a letter to them from O. A. Boyer dated 30 Nov. 194

      • Jill Shortreed says:

        Mandi I am interested in current info can you contact me as my grandmother was active

      • Mandi R. says:

        @Richard: Unfortunately, I am unaware of either name mentioned and am afraid I cannot help you there.
        @Jill: I do not know how to reach you just from your comment but you can email me at balerina545@gmail.com. (This is a junk email I hardly check, but will keep an eye out for an email from you.)

      • Jill says:

        Mandi Sent you an email thanks.

  21. Janice Irish says:

    My mother and grandmother were both members of Chapter 7 here in Washington State. My mom would like to donate a suitcase full of the chapter’s flags, stashes that were worn by the officers, symbols hanging on a white satin cord which were also worn by the officers. My mother is now 92 years old. She was a member till around 1988 when all of the chapters were closed here in Washington State. She has these items because she was the state counselor at the time that the chapter was closed due to lack of membership.
    Does any one have a contact email address or phone number for us to call. The number that is listed in this thread for Susan Bell is no longer working.

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