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Ode to Golf

Since modern golf was invented in Scotland centuries ago, men have been passionate about the game.  The monument above carved for Joe Kirkwood (1897-1970), with a bent golf club, serves as an admonition not to think too much about the … Continue reading

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Next to the Burlington International Airport lies the Eldridge Cemetery, a small graveyard tucked in between a busy street and the airport.  Halfway back and on the right-hand side of the cemetery is the grave of Ruth A. Stuart Kimball, … Continue reading

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Angel Moroni

The wingless Angel Moroni is depicted in the gilded sculpture on top of the Mormon Temple. The temple was built next to the Pioneer Cemetery at Florence, Nebraska, the site of the Mormon Winter Encampment in 1846-47, after their exodus from Navoo, … Continue reading

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When we see a winged figure in a cemetery, we instantly recognize it as an angel–a messenger of God.  However, Christian art did not depict angels with wings until the fourth century.  Before then, angels were represented in several different forms–sometimes … Continue reading

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There are so many reasons that I love to wander around cemeteries–connection to history, architecture, beautiful sculptures, and so many stories.  And, occasionally I come around a corner and see a surprise like I did when I spotted this mother … Continue reading

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