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His Empty Cradle

  JOSEPH DENNIS WING JUNE 20, 1909 MARCH 5, 1912 A little time on earth he spent Till God for him his angel sent. For me, the most poignant and tender gravestones are those for children because in the sweep … Continue reading

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Flatware and Bronze Doors

The doors to mausoleums are often imbued with symbolism.  In fact, the door itself represents a portal.  Portals come in many forms—a door, a window, even your eyes and your mouth are considered portals.  Many superstitions about death concern portals, … Continue reading

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…that immortal sea…

Anna Dorinda Blaksley Barnes Bliss 1851-1935 Anna Bliss was a generous benefactor to many charities including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History in New York and the Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California.  Mrs. Bliss was … Continue reading

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