Gone home! Gone home!

The tall columned monument in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine, marks the graves of Carlton and Amelia Bragg.  The stained white marble gravestone is topped with a botonee cross characterized by trefoil at the end of each arm of the cross which symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

Two of the sides of the monument are blank while the other two sides are carved with the names of Carlton and his wife, Amelia—one name on each of two sides.  Amelia has a twelve-line, heartfelt epitaph memorializing her.  In the first quatrain there is a reference to her inheriting a “heavenly mansion, a reference to the Biblical passage John 14.2, “In my Father’s House are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.”

The epitaph also gives the passerby an idea about how very much she will be missed, presumably by her husband, who surely commissioned the monument and the epitaph to be carved in her memory.



Wife of



Oct. 6, 1865.

AE 53 yrs.


Gone home! Gone home! Here earnest, active spirit

Her very playfulness, her heart of love!

The heavenly mansion now she doth inherit,

Which Christ made newly ere she went above.


Gone home! Gone Home! The door through which she vanished,

Closed with a jar, and left us here alone.

We stand without, in tears, forlorn and banished

Longing to follow where one loved has gone.

Gone home! Gone home! O human-hearted Saviour!

Give us a balm to soothe our heavy woes;

And if thou will, in tender, pitying favor,

Hasten the time when we may rise and go!



In Boston, Mass.

Oct. 30, 1876

AE 64.

On the opposite side on the monument is the simple inscription for Carlton Sylvanus Bragg, who died in Boston, 11 years after his beloved wife.  He has no epitaph.

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