Eschew Grief



Feb. 25, 1877,

AE 56 yrs. 7 mos.

& 27 days

Why lament the christian’s (sic) dying,

Why indulge in tears and gloom,

Calmly in his Lord relying,

He has met the opening tomb.


Hark the golden harps are ringing.

Sounds unearthly fill his ear;

Millions now in heaven are signing,

Greet his joyful entrance there.

In the Village Burial Ground in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine, a town once known as Eden, is the small, white marble gravestone of Enoch Leland.  On the back of his gravestone is the eight-line epitaph that tells the passerby to eschew grief because of his death and instead celebrate his entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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