Angel of Death


Adam Edward Burkhardt

April 26, 1845 – November 1917

Emma Amanda Erkenbrecher Burkhardt

April 25, 1851 – September 23, 1916


Adam Edward Burkhardt, emigrated from Bavaria to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he founded a company that manufactured furs. Burkhardt was a highly successful furrier and a prominent citizen of Cincinnati. His wife, Emma, was also from a leading family of the city. She was the daughter of Andrew Erkenbrecher, the founder of the Cincinnati Zoo.

According to Beauty in the Grove: Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum by Phil Nuxhall, 2009, Orange Frazer Press, page 44, the bronze statue marking the graves of the Burkhardt family, is referred to as the “Angel of Death.” The shrouded figure is kneeling, holding a wreath in one hand and palm leaves in the other. The palm represents victory over death as does the laurel wreath. The laurel wreath dates back to Roman times when soldiers wore them as triumphal signs of glory.


Who is the sculptor?

Carved into the folds of the shroud draped over the step to the monument is the name of the sculptor and the date the statue was either cast or carved. I haven’t been able to find out anything about the sculptor. If any readers can offer information about the artist, I will add it to the description of the monument in an amended post.


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    Seems appropriate that this is the first thing I see this morning after the election results are in….

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