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The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

 The National organization of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861 – 1865 (DUV) was founded May 30, 1885 by Olive Howard, Harriet Knapp, Eva Merwin, Frank Merwin, and Bertha Martin.  On June 3, 1885, the first … Continue reading

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President Garfield, wounded by an assassin, killed by his doctors

The tomb, in the Lake View Cemetery was designed by George H. Keller, is a circular tower 50 feet in diameter soaring 180 feet high made of Ohio sandstone. Wrapped around the “porch” of the monument are five bas-relief panels … Continue reading

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The last two ocean voyages by Columbus

Ordinarily I don’t write about graves, tombs, or funerary symbolism outside of North America, but this is a brief interlude into the world outside my regular “beat”.  I took these photos when my family and I were on vacation in … Continue reading

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  Many symbols found on gravestones have multiple meanings. The dove is one of those.  Several references in the Bible refer to the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 3:16 reads, “And Jesus, when he was baptized, … Continue reading

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Pointing Upward

The finger pointing upward, indicates the soul traveling to Heaven, sometimes a presumptious claim, though hopeful.   Here the finger pointing upwards is coupled with the image of a willow tree, a traditional symbol of sorrow.  This seems to indicate … Continue reading

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The Bonds of Marriage

In the tree-stump tombstone above, two hands emerge from the opening in the bark of the tree.  The two hands are depicted clasping a chain.  The hand at the top is a male’s hand; the shirt cuff is square, unadorned, … Continue reading

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Tree-Stump Tombstone and Fern

This small tombstone in the church cemetery in rural Bloomington, Indiana, is a stump, not fully grown in width or height.  This tree-stump tombstone is a metaphor in limestone, representing a life that has been cut short. Little Cora Nelson was less than two years … Continue reading

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Budden on Earth

For me, the hardest gravestones to look at are the ones for children.  They speak to the father in me.  I can look at them and understand the grief and the sorrow that the parents felt at the loss of a child, … Continue reading

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Disabled American Veterans

 The Disabled American Veterans organization was formed September 25, 1920, in the wake of World War I.  Few services were offered to soldiers upon their return from the war.  At a Christmas dinner hosted by an Ohio Superior Court Judge … Continue reading

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