Disabled American Veterans

Knightridge Cemetery, rural Bloomington, Indiana

 The Disabled American Veterans organization was formed September 25, 1920, in the wake of World War I.  Few services were offered to soldiers upon their return from the war.  At a Christmas dinner hosted by an Ohio Superior Court Judge Robert F. Max the idea first surfaced to form the organization to assist wounded soldiers.The metal marker is a reproduction of the organization’s logo, which originated from a painting commissioned for a certificate of service by President Woodrow Wilson and executed by artist Edwin Blashfield. The original painting features a wounded veteran holding a rifle kneeling before Columbia.  Columbia, the symbol of freedom, is framed with an American flag and shield behind her.  She uses a sword to knight the soldier in honor of service to the nation.  In the other hand she holds above her head the certificate announcing the service and sacrifice of the veteran.

Today the Disabled American Veterans has over one million members.

Columbia Gives to Her Son the Accolade of the New Chevalry of Humanity

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