Walking Past the Mundane

Sometimes we walk by the mundane and pay no attention like I did recently in a cemetery in Kentucky.  Then when I looked across the cemetery, I suddenly spotted a wide variety of basket hangers.

I must admit, I never paid attention to them before, but this cemetery had so many different kinds I found myself walking back through the cemetery just to snap pictures of them.

And, they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes—single hangers, double hangers, or butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, bird houses, and bunnies—oh, my.

Some were adorned with a simple cross, while others looked like lampposts and others were just plain iron rods bent and shaped to hold baskets.

Some may have had religious meaning—like the butterfly—which not only represents the resurrection but also the transformation from life to death and then to the next life.

Others most likely were chosen because the deceased or the family of the deceased just plain liked the design—like with the bird house or the bunnies.

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