Tender Sentiments Carved in Stone

Tender epitaphs from the North Conway Cemetery at North Conway, New Hampshire pay tribute to fallen loved ones.


Wife of

Charles S. Whitaker

& daughter of

Capt. Nathaniel & S. Randell,

Died March 18, 1833

Aged 33 years 3 months

And 12 days.

Sweet wither’d rose, may thy pale doom

Call tears into the strangers eye,

Oh, may the prospect of this tomb

Remind us, all live must die.


June 21, 1821

Dec. 5, 1899

Here neath the pines he loved

So well

That naught could lure him from

Their grateful shade

He sleeps to wake elsewhere

For God hath said.  Amen

In memory of


who died April 15, 1820

AE 62

Pause, Reader, pause! & on thy heart

Record what’s here recorded.

Charity like the sun,

Shines on the humble cottage of the poor

With beams no less intense than what are felt

On domes of regal splendor

Not soon provoked, she easily forgives

And much she suffers, as she much believes.

Died Jan. 14th, 1815

Mrs. Anna, consort of

Dea. Abiel Lovejoy

Aged 74 years.

Therefore be ye also ready for in such

an hour as you think not, the Son of man cometh.

short is the longest day of life

And soon its prospect ends

Yet on that days uncertain date

Eternity depends.


Died Nov. 15, 1872

Aged 8 yrs. 1 mo. 13 ds


Died Dec. 22, 1872

Aged 4 yrs. 8 m 8 ds


Died Jan. 12, 1873

Aged 10 yrs. 10 ms.


Died Feb. 11, 1873

Aged 15 yrs. 9 ms 1 dy

Children of

George W. & Mary Ann


Full many a flower is born to blush

unseen and waste its sweetness in

the desert air.

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