The Improved Order

The metal markers above and below from the North Conway Cemetery at Conway, New Hampshire, mark the graves of a members of the Improved Order of Red Men, which claims its beginnings with the patriots who were in the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution.  The society models itself after the Iroquois Confederacy councils.  In fact, some of the metal markers display images of Native Americans because the society based their organization on the rites and rituals of the Native Americans.

Written on each marker are the initials T.O.T.E which stands for Totem of Eagles.  According to their Website, the IORM “promotes patriotism and the American Way of Life, provides social activities for the members, and supports various charitable programs.”  The different clubs or chapters are divided into “tribes”.  The marker above is from “tribe” F.F. & C. 23, and the marker below represents the MISHA-MOKWA TRIBE No. 43.

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