The Master Is Come


The stained glass window from a mausoleum in the St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery in Chicago depicts Jesus Christ standing at a door, just at the moment He is about the open it. Underneath the window is written, “THE MASTER IS COME AND CALLETH FOR THEE.”

The scene is described in the Bible in John 11:28, “28 And when she had so said, she went her way, and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come, and calleth for thee.” Jesus had come to comfort the two sisters of his friend, Lazarus, who had died, which makes it appropriate décor for a mausoleum.

The passage is also the theme for a 19th Century hymn written by American Baptist Lydia Baxter titled, “The Master Is Coming, He Calleth for Thee.”

1 The Master is coming, He calleth for thee,

And loved ones are hast’ning their Savior to see

He’s full of compassion, why will you delay?

He’s calling, still calling, oh, come, come today!



Calling oh, hear Him calling. still calling,

Why, O why will you delay?

Oh, hear Him calling, so sweetly calling, hear Him,

Hear the Master calling, come, oh come today.


2 The Master is coming, receive Him and live:

Oh, will you not trust Him your sins to forgive?

On Calvary’s cross, amid anguish and pain,

Thy ransom was purchased with Jesus was slain. [Refrain]


3 The master is coming, He calleth today:

Awake from thy slumber, to labor and pray;

The morning is breaking, the noontide is near,

And evening’s dark shadows will quickly be here. [Refrain]


4 The Master is coming, to call from the grave

His loved ones to glory; He’s mighty to save;

And all who believes Him in rapture shall sing,

Salvation through Jesus, our Master and King. [Refrain]

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