Tiffany and Company, Part II

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

Tiffany and Company is well known for design and exquisite workmanship. That same workmanship can be seen in the memorial vase commissioned for Fanny Short Butler (1864-1930) in the Cave Hill Cemetery at Louisville, Kentucky.  Delicately carved Easter lilies adorn the sides of the vase.

The lily, as a funerary symbol, has many meanings including purity, innocence, virginity, heavenly bliss, majestic beauty, and Christ’s resurrection.  Christians believe that the trumpet-shaped blossoms announce the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Easter lily has long been associated with the Christian religion, commonly referred to as “White-Robed Apostles of Christ.” Early Christians believed that lilies sprouted where Jesus Christ’s sweat fell to the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane.

White has typically been a color associated with virtues of purity and innocence.  Often the lily can be found on the grave of a child, the epitome of purity and innocence.

The white lily is also associated with virginity and marriage, in particular relationship to women.  On one hand, the lily represents virginity and innocence, which is an appropriate symbol for a young unmarried woman.  On the other hand, it is symbolic of majestic beauty and marriage, which makes it an appropriate symbol for all married women regardless of their age.


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  1. Moira says:

    Hi Douglas, What a great website! I’ve really enjoyed reading your entries along with the beautiful photographs. Do you have a personal email I could correspond with you at regarding the attribution of these memorials to Tiffany & Co.? Many thanks and keep up the great work!

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