The Crown

Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

The crown is a fairly common symbol found in American cemeteries.  Sometimes it can be found as an incised carving at the top of the gravestone—often in conjunction with other symbolism such as palm leaves.  Sometimes the crown is made of a completely different material, such as zinc, and anchored on top of a gravestone.

This weathered gravestone, however, in the Greenwood Cemetery at Phoenix, Arizona, has the crown built into the design of the stone, topping the square column.

The crown is a symbol of glory and reward and victory over death.  The reward comes after life and the hard-fought battle on Earth against the wages of sin and the temptations of the flesh.  The reward awaits in Heaven where the victor will receive a crown of victory.  The crown also represents the sovereign authority of the Lord.


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