Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona


DEC. 26, 1843

AUG. 13, 1902


Sitting on top of this gray granite gravestone in the Greenwood Cemetery at Phoenix, Arizona, is a large acorn, turned upside down.  The acorn, seed of the mighty oak, is a symbol of prosperity and fruitfulness.  When the acorn is paired with oak leaves it is seen as a traditional symbol of strength.  The single acorn can represent a kernel of truth born into spiritual growth.  Twin acorns can represent male sexuality.  Two acorns can also represent truth and power of the Holy Spirit. The former is revealed in the Earthly realm and the later after entering the Heavenly realm.

The hex design that is formed at the top of the acorn (here the acorn is upside down so it is seen at the bottom) is used by the Mennonites and Amish artisans.  The design signifies protection and natural abundance.


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