A Firefighter Remembered

Cypress Grove Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Many individual gravestones in the Cypress Grove Cemetery at New Orleans are dedicated to firefighters.  The gravestone of W. H. Webb, propped up against a tomb, is decorated with a pumper signifying his service as a fireman.

In Memory of


Native of New York

Died Jan. 1, 1881, aged 42 yrs

Death came as gently

As the light wind wandering

Through groves of bloom

Detaches the delicate blossom

From the trees.

We closed thy dear eyes

After days of pain.

And we will trust the God

To soon meet you again.

          From your loving Wife


Native of New Orleans

Born August 4, 1812,

Died May 24, 1886, aged 43 yrs.

A precious one from us is gone.

A voice we loved is till.

A place is vacant in our home

Which never can be filled.

          By her devoted Mother.

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