The Fallen Firefighter


Cypress Grove Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Firefighters have had their bravery memorialized in stone by grateful citizens that have taken many forms.  In the Cypress Grove Cemetery, sometimes known as the fireman’s cemetery because it was founded with funds from the Fireman’s Charitable and Benevolent Association, the first monument erected in the cemetery was built and dedicated to a fallen firefighter.

Designed by J.N. B. Pouilly with a broken column, representing a life cut short, as the main feature, towers over the base of the tomb.  The monument is a classical design, with acanthus and inverted torches decorating the base.

The monument is dedicated to Irad Ferry, who at 36, was battling a fire on New Year’s Day on Camp Street.  During the firefight, Ferry was mortally wounded and died three days later.  He was first laid to rest at the Girod Street Cemetery but his remains were removed to Cypress Cemetery after it was opened.  One of the panels in the monument displays the bas-relief of a pumper of the era.

Dedicated to the memory of

Irad Ferry

Born in Wilton, Connecticut

13 December 1801

Died 4th January 1837

The sacrifice of your life for the safety of others

shall not be forgotten by your grateful survivors.

This monument to perpetuate the glory of your disinter-

estedness is erected by Mississippi Fire Company No. 2

With the 1st and 2nd Municipalities.

Detail from the Irad Ferry Monument of an early pumper

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