Tree-Stump Veteran Tombstone


The Old Star City Cemetery, Star City, Indiana

The tree-stump tombstone in the photo above is typical of the era.  The tombstone is carved to look like a tree.  The limbs are cut from the tree. There is a small vine twining up the base and a flap of bark has been pulled back to display information. In this example of the tree-stump tombstone, the stonecutter again shows individualism. Two faternal symbols adorn this gravestone–the Odd Fellows symbol of three chain links and the Masonic symbol.

In addition to that, Nathan Fahler was a veteran of the Civil War and served in Company H of the Indiana Volunteers.  That service is honored by the carving of the Union hat that hangs on the tree.

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1 Response to Tree-Stump Veteran Tombstone

  1. Donovan says:

    This is a fascinating series. I’ve always been curious about the tree stump markers.

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