The symbol above marks the grave of a woman who belonged to the Order of Pythian Sisters.  The organization is the auxillary organization for the Knights of Pythias.  On October 22-23, 1888, the Order was founded at Warsaw, Indiana, by Pythian Knight, Joseph Addison Hill, of Greencastle, Indiana.  Hill was a master of creating order and ceremony and imbued their symbols with meaning.  A laurel wreath surrounds a Maltese Cross with a crown in the center, the cross is crisscrossed by a rapier and star baton, topped with falcon-crested helmet.  The four letters, P, L E, and F, inside the arms of the cross stand for Purity, Love, Equality, and Fidelity.  In a final salute, ALL HAIL SISTER FAREWELL, the member sisters say goodbye.

Greenwood Hills Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

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