Riverview Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

When I walk around cemeteries, I look for symbols I have not seen and, of course, stellar examples of funerary art.  I have written before about the the Heart-in-Heart symbol but was struck by the pristine condition of the symbol found on this white bronze “zinc” marker.  The Heart-in-Hand symbol has significance with several organizations and religions, especially the Shakers, but when coupled with the three linked rings, it is associated with the Odd Fellows.  (The three rings symbol is also found on the gravestone of the Heart-in-Hand symbol.)

As you can see, the heart rests in the center of the palm.  The Heart-in-Hand symbol represents charity given with an open heart.

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2 Responses to Heart-in-Hand

  1. Terese Agnew says:

    Hi. I am interested in getting permission to use this photograph for an artwork. Can you help me or contact me please?

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