P.O.S. of A.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey


The Patriotic Sons of America (P.O.S. Of A.)

In 1847, Dr. Reynell Coates founded the Patriotic Sons of America as an organization to promote the ideals upon which America was created and to pay honor and duty to the flag. Some of the main aims of P.O.S. Of S. were to:

  • build appreciation for American heritage and history

  • devotion to the United States Consitution and the American flag

  • defend the American public School system

  • support a strong national defense

  • lobby to restrict immigration

  • cultivate harmony, fellowship, and friendship among its members

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3 Responses to P.O.S. of A.

  1. Renet Bender says:

    Are they still around? We really need them now.

  2. The organization is still active and based in Pennsylvania, I think.

  3. Stan Sarnocinski, JR Past National President says:

    The Patriotic Order Sons of America is still around and is still very active in their communities.

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