Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

 Our Little Eddie

He has gone to his Heavenly home

His favoraite Dog still watching his tomb.

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

Some of my favorite memories as a child were spent with the dogs that we had while I was growing up. We had many dogs—Happy, Pal, Sandy, Fritzy, and Pokie—all members of our family. They each had distinct personalities.

Happy got his name because he, was well, happy. Pal followed us everywhere, including to school. Sometimes I would look out and Pal would be staring in the school window waiting for the bell to ring so he could walk home with me. Sandy was an odd dog that liked lettuce and even jelly sandwiches. Fritzy was a cranky toy Manchester that became very feeble but never lost his appetite to nip at strangers and family members he didn’t like! Pokie was a social blonde cocker spaniel with a bad case of asthma. He had his little home on our back porch that he shared with our black cat—Bad Luck. When she had kitties they all slept together in a box and Pokie carried the kitties around like they were his.

Fairmont Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

All of them had the qualities we think of good dogs having—loyalty, fidelity, and vigilance.

Fairmont Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

This dog looks as if he is mourning the loss of his best friend. 


Metarie Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

This pair of dogs are alert, as if on guard.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

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2 Responses to Dogs

  1. Renet Bender says:

    This is great. As dog lovers, I can’t imagine being without a faithful companion.

  2. Mark Spenard says:

    Does anyone have any information on Hoeckel Hutchinson buried at Fairmont cemetery in Denver, Co. and the name of his Borzoi ?

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