Tree-Stump Squirrel

Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, Indiana

The Eberle Martin tree-stump tombstone in Mitchell, Indiana, is an unique example of this type of marker because of its bas-relief profile of the deceased at the top.

Many of the tree-stump tombstones are carved to appear as if the bark has been peeled back from the tree, done to create a space for the information to be carved into the stone.  On this tombstone, the backside of the peeled bark has an incised carving of a squirrel.  The furry little rodent is sitting atop of a log holding a nut in his tiny little paws in a prayful pose.  The squirrel is not a commonly seen symbol in the cemetery.  The squirrel here is in a religious meditation and represents spiritual striving.

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5 Responses to Tree-Stump Squirrel

  1. Mary Jane Deel says:

    I’m sorry, but this stone is in Mitchell Community Cemetery in MITCHELL Indiana. So far as I am aware, there is no Mitchellville in Indiana.

    • Mary Jane, I have made the corrections to the post. However, I was wondering if you have the full text of the original post. I lost half of it when I made the corrections. I am hoping that you can forward the text to me. Thanks.

  2. Mary Jane Deel says:

    Mr. Martin’s stone reads “Born Sept. 1897” and “Came to Mitchell 1891”

  3. Mary Jane Deel says:

    Edit that last comment – it should read “Born Sept. 1867”

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