The Squirrel

Clover Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, Indiana

The squirrel is not a commonly seen symbol in the cemetery, even though, the live ones are regular inhabitants.  This intricately carved limestone marker has three squirrels, one on top of the main stone, perched on its haunches, the other two on the base with a stash of acorns.  The symbolism behind the squirrel is a bit confusing.  Some sources say that if the squirrel is holding a nut, it is a sign of religious meditation and spirtual striving.  Other sources say that the squirrel is an animal devoted to the devil, noted by its red color; red–the color of Satan. These squirrels don’t at all look sinister and are most likely in contemplation.  The squirrel in the center, arched back, with its head raised as if looking toward Heaven.

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2 Responses to The Squirrel

  1. dearmrdylan says:

    I want a monument JUST like this when I pass…and my squirrels buried at my side! LOVE the symbolic meaning of squirrels on headstones!

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