The Order of Pythian Sisters

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, Pennsylvania

The metal marker above marks the grave of a woman who belonged to the Order of Pythian Sisters.  If you look at the shield you see two letters P and S outside the inner square.  The P and S stand for Pythian Sisters.  The organization is the auxillary organization for the Knights of Pythias.  On October 22-23, 1888, the Order was founded at Warsaw, Indiana, by Pythian Knight, Joseph Addison Hill, of Greencastle, Indiana.  Hill was a master of creating order and ceremony and imbued their symbols with meaning.  Inside the crown-topped square crisscrossed by a rapier and star baton over a shield with four letters, P, L E, and F.  According to their organization’s Website:

The color white represents PURITY the stage reached through honorable, motive action and thought that should be a goal sought by each Pythian Sister to attain.

The color red represents LOVE symolizing service, guidance, trust and tolerance.  Through love they are bound together as a band of Sisters.

The color yellow symbolizing EQUALITY which requires sharing with each Sister all rights and responsibilities.  As Pythian Sisters they are to work together for the good of all.

The color blue represents FIDELITY meaning being faithful, steadfast and loyal to God and to each other.

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2 Responses to The Order of Pythian Sisters

  1. Jeff says:

    We need to design our own markers for when we are gone, and the next Douglas Rife can explain our desires for earthly eternal recognition.

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