Winning in Heaven

Really?  This is what you want on your gravestone?  I barely know where to begin.  I imagine that this person loved to play the slot machines but “Winning in Heaven”?  There is so much that is wrong with the symbolism on this gravestone.  Not that all has to be solemn and somber but this message is full of contradictions. 

First of all, if this person is winning in Heaven why didn’t he or she pull three cherries?  Or three clouds?  Or three angels? It is not a winning pull.  No coins are being dropped out of the money slot! But more importantly, a nod to gambling and Heaven in the same sentence is sacrilegious.  Even though, the Bible does not specifically call out gambling as a sin, I would imagine most theologians, when not arguing about the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin, would agree that there won’t be any one-armed bandits in Heaven!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love this post on so many levels. First of all, the photo itself is priceless. From the looks of the deceased’s luck, I’m sure he couldn’t afford to pay for it,so I hope he had plenty of friends and family to help. However, if he did, they probably would have stopped him from getting such a gravestone in the first place. I need to check Windows ClipArt and see if that picture exists b/c it looks very suspiciously as such.

    To me, this person’s choice sums up the impulsive nature and frivolity that has become so prominent in humans, at least those living in developed countries where instant gratification is par for the course and you can find anyone to satisfy your every whim–right down to a drunken decision on what you want on your gravestone. I jest, though. Maybe this person was very serious about this choice. Maybe this person was extremely tongue in cheek and this choice is dripping with satire or irony or whatever you want to call it. We’ll never know. But I bet it made your day when you saw it! It made my day reading about it.

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