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Door Number One

When I was a kid there was a game show on telelvision called Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Monte Hall.  The game revolved around the contestants wagering that the prize they had in their hand was not as good … Continue reading

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No other event in the 19th Century had a larger affect on America than the Civil War.  It tore the country apart and involved people from every corner before it was over.  Over a million people were wounded and killed–625,000 from the North and … Continue reading

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Egyptian Revival, Part 3

During the rural cemetery movement designers created park-like cemeteries.  The first such cemetery was Mt. Auburn, which opened in 1831, at Cambridge, Massachussetts.  The ideal was to fuse the utility of having a place to bury the dead but design the cemeteries so they … Continue reading

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Egyptian Revival, Part 2

The Schoenhofen Mausoleum in the Graceland Cemetery at Chicago, Illinois, is another grand example of Egyptian Revival Funeary Architecture.  The Egyptian and Christian symbolism share an uncomfortable coexistence.  The mausoleum displays images of the ancient pharaonic religion including the sphinx, the … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Revival

After the French and British occupations of Egypt, there was a renewed interest in Egyptian architecture and symbolism.  The Egyptian symbol that is most commonly found in American cemeteries is the obelisk.  And the most famous obelisk in America is … Continue reading

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