Ode to an Arabian Horse

Addison Elton Baker

March 24,1818 – January 20, 1884

Charlotte Baker

November 19, 1820 – July 10, 1892

Standing proud in the dusty Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, is a life-sized replica of an Arabian horse, named Ali. The horse was sculpted by J. A. Byrne. The horse was owned by Colorado homesteader, Addison Baker, who raised cattle and horses and claimed to have the finest stock of anyone in the area.

Baker landed in the Denver area in 1860 on land with a fresh-water spring that later was named for him. The spring water was said to be medicinal and Baker supplied it by the barrel delivering to homes in the area. The spring was also a watering stop for explorers on their way further west with such notables as John Fremont and Kit Carson making stops.

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