Graveyard Bingo

I created a fun way to introduce cemetery symbolism to the uninitiated with this game of Graveyard Bingo. The bingo card has 22 common symbols and a couple types of gravestones like the tree-stump gravestone or a marker made of zinc. Print the cards and the next time you are exploring a cemetery with friends, see who gets a bingo first, or in this case shout out GRAVE.

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13 Responses to Graveyard Bingo

  1. You missed “goth girl taking selfies.”


    Really creative idea! Wish I had this when I went to Bellefontaine Cemetery with students years ago.

    • I think the fun part is that the bingo game could be customized. This bingo game is more or less for a Victorian-era cemetery. But if you lived in the Northeast you could swap out these symbols for flying deaths heads, winged cherubs, etc. Or it could be customized for a particular cemetery like Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis. By the way, it is really good to hear from you!

  3. Margaret says:

    Would you give the uneducated a picture and description of each type so we will be optimally prepared?

    • I will work on that. I also thought that I would put pictures in the bingo card which might help, too. What do you think?

      • Margaret says:

        That would be very helpful. However, for those of us curious about such things, it would be good to know the symbolism involved in each type of marker.

  4. gsb03632 says:

    Great idea! Bonus points for spotting a ‘baby on the half shell’!

  5. Jeff Jones says:

    Very clever.

    FActually sounds like a fun family day in Boston. Flying deaths heads, winged cherubs, here we come!!!!

  6. Ann Lamy says:

    My 5 year old grandson LOVES going to cemetery’s and exploring. He especially likes to clean up leaves, moss, trash from the tombstones of the older, unkept cemeteries as well as visit accessible mausoleums. We talk about various grave markers and THIS GAME will be a great addition to our visits. Much thanks! Oh, perhaps create a visual BINGO card that corresponds with a graphic to help us visual people locate the markers more easily? Just a thought.

  7. Holly A Koenig says:

    Love this! How do you feel about having this published in our newsletter with proper citations? (Historic Oakwood Cemetery Preservation Association, Syracuse NY)

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