Cherub and the Crown

The white marble monument in the Miller Family plot of the Mount Holly Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas, is imbued with a profusion of symbolism as is common with many Victorian gravestones. 

The monument depicts a winged cherub standing on rock base.  The cherub is placing a crown above an oval cartouche below a rustic cross decorated with a wreath of flowers. The cartouche has a bow at its base with oak leaves and acorns twining up the right side and laurel leaves up the left, but the oval has no inscription.  The oak leaves and acorns are seen as a traditional symbol of strength while the laurel leaves symbolize victory over death.  Below the oval is an unfurled scroll, also empty. 

The crown is a symbol of glory and victory over death.  The reward awaits in Heaven where the victor will receive a crown of victory. The cross represents the suffering of Christ and is a universal symbol of Christianity.

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