The Open Door

The neo-classical mourning figure in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn stands next to the grave of a mother and father and their children.  The unfurled scroll in her hands often represents both the life of the deceased and the time spent on Earth. In this case, however, the motif is used to reveal a long poem.  The soft white marble erodes easily and some of the poem has become unreadable, though most of the lines are legible and reveal the love of a mother for her children.


………………..take your hand

…. you through the open door

……..a strange and beautiful land

….there is another land

That exists for your & me

A magic place of love & rest

Beyond Eternity

..a land beyond our life, you’ll see

Free from greed & hate

…do not be afraid my dear

God willed it to be our fate.

So fall asleep & your dreams will come true

And when you awaken, my sweet

…in this garden, a beautiful land

Where once again we shall meet.

You see may darlings. Once you have stepped

Beyond this open door

It’s where you shall find your loved ones

Waiting for you once more.

So, when you are tired and oh s weary

& you care no more to roam

Tap gently on the open door

I’ll be there to welcome you home.

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