The Ultimate Tree Stump Family Plot


SEPT. 26, 1860 – Jan. 14, 1916

Frances C. Lloyd

Feb. 28, 1855 – June 15, 1924

A fellow graveyard enthusiast and reader of the blog reminded me of the Lloyd Family Plot in the famed Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.  It may be the ultimate in tree-stump design.  From the “logs” and “stumps” that mark the family plot to the individual gravestones all carved with the same motif, it is a full-on display of the rustic movement.  In the center of the plot is a towering tree carved with the family name.   A leafed-out tree in the corner of the plot has branches that surround the top of the carved tree almost giving it a life-like look.

The primogenitor–J. S. Lloyd and his wife, Frances–have the largest individual stone in the plot.  It is carved to look as if two tree stumps are intertwined around a rock faced stone with a scroll lashed at the top of the marker with branches displays their names, birth and death dates.

The individual markers are of the same tree stump design but are of a single stump.  The scroll is lashed to the marker by a heavy rope.  At the end of the scroll is a spray of flowers. The scroll represents both the life of the deceased and the time spent on Earth.

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Tree Stump Family Plot

  1. gsb03632 says:

    Thanks for this. I had some fun with this plot, too: Hollywood is a treasure!

    • I didn’t realize you had a blog. I checked it out and I like it. I think you had a bit more fun with the post about the Lloyd Family Plot than I did. My writing skills aren’t as creative as yours! I also tend to be fairly mater of fact. Great blog.

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