The Steam Ship


BORN DEC. 3. 1866, Green Bay, Wisconsin

DIED AUG. 18. 1882, Escanaba, Michigan

The only son of William H. (1828—1901) and Marion A. (1831—1919) Wolf is buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, underneath a gray granite monument with a carved white marble replica of a steamship topping the memorial.

William was a German immigrant who developed a thriving shipping business on the Great Lakes.  The shipyard built schooners, steam boats, steam barges, and tugs.  The company also shopped goods throughout the Great Lakes.  William was grooming his son, Howard, to learn and eventually take over the business.  Howard working on one of the barges at a port in Michigan.  He was helping to unload one of the ships, the Business, when 16-year old boy fell through an open hatchway landing on his head in the fall.  He died a short time later that day.

The steam ship memorializes not only the Wolf family shipping business but the place of Howard’s death.

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