Oct. 9, 1941 – Jan. 7, 1981


April 7, 1943 – Feb. 23, 2014


Jan. 25, 1923 – Nov. 28, 2003



Jan. 12, 1964 – May 20, 2000


June 3, 1917 – Apr. 24, 2005

The striking bronze of Saundra Curry Twist in the Cave Hill Cemetery at Louisville, Kentucky, was created by famed Kentucky sculptor, Barney Bright. The statue was fabricated by the Riehm-Gerlack Monument Company of Louisville.

The sculpture depicts Saundra wearing a full-length dress, arms partially stretched, standing in front of a white-marble colonnade that forms a half circle behind her. The sculpture sits atop a small white-marble base with the inscription: “GOD ALWAYS SEEMS TO PICK HIS PRETTIEST FLOWER.”

In front of the statue is a granite grave ledger with the following tribute:


Sandy was born prematurely at home in Louisville and was laid aside by the doctor as still born. Her mother refused to give up and carefully nurtured Sandy for several days and saved her.

She went on to become a beautiful, young lady with grace and poise and won several state-wide beauty contests and had a lengthy career as a successful fashion model. Her marriage at age 21 was one of bliss. No two people were ever more in love and devoted to each other. Hard work and daily living and the fulfillment of the close relationship made the years melt easily by.

Sandy’s untimely tragic death in an auto accident came at a time when Sandy was in her prime. She had found financial success through wise investments in real estate and oil and from humble beginnings had realized for the last few years of her young life all of this world’s bountiful wonders, including three healthy, beautiful daughters and a devoted husband.

Besides her striking physical beauty, Sandy was known by her family and friends as having an inner beauty that was open, honest and loving. She will be remembered as being selfless and untiring in an effort to keep those around her warm and safe and loved. She asked for nothing more than the opportunity to devote herself to her family, and through her self-imposed high standards and example she made those of us who knew her want to try a little harder each day.

Humanity has unknowingly lost an irreplaceable asset, a great lady, and so, we laid her to rest on a beautiful cold, clear, crisp, winter morning here in this peaceful spot where she used to come with us to feed the ducks and geese and swans on Sundays.

Shakespeare said it well, “The heart, like the mind, also has memories.” Even though we have countless fond memories to sustain us, she will be sorely missed.

With Eternal Love,

Martin, Tonjua, Tyra, and Tammy”

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