A Long Layover in Paris


A walk through a cemetery rarely brings you to an equestrian memorial, but Le Père Lachaise is not an ordinary cemetery. In section 94, there it is an equestrian statue that honors General Antranik Ozanian, (February 25, 1865 – August 31, 1927) the great Armenian revolutionary, who ended up years later dying in Fresno, California, and was buried in the Ararat Cemetery in that city.


That burial was temporary—a short stay on his way back to his Armenian homeland. However, on his way back in the late 20s his body was stopped in Paris because the Russians were not going to allow his body to enter into Armenia. So, Antranik was laid to rest again, this time at Le Père Lachaise on January 29, 1928. He remained buried there until he was re-interred at the military cemetery at Yerevan, Armenia, on February 20, 2000.  The statue remains, though, the tomb is empty, a reminder of his long layover in the storied cemetery.


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    What wonderful stories you are “unearthing” these days! Every “plot” in a cemetery has its own “plot” in someone’s story…you have indeed “dug up” quite a few interesting ones over the years!

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