Clara Bell

Fairmont Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Clara Bell

Daughter of



Jan. 18. 1885

Died July 13. 1886.


The gravestone of this little girl is haunting with those hollow eyes. Only 18 months months after she was born, she died. Her gravestone features a winged cherub that may be a portrait.

The winged cherub was a symbol that became popular in the 18th Century.  Winged cherubs replaced the stark and morbid flying death’s heads from our Puritan forefathers.  The cherubs have a childlike countenance of innocence.  The iconography represents the flight of the soul from the body upward to Heaven and the hope of the resurrection.


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2 Responses to Clara Bell

  1. Laura says:

    Love your site; the stories are just as wonderful as the stonework, thank you! (Just a little pedantic editing note on this one—their sweetie was 18 months old when she died.)

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