Sprouting Wings


The praying child is a fairly common marker found in many cemeteries.  In fact, it could be ordered from one of the companies that manufactured these markers in zinc, or “white bronze” on different bases. The praying child marker from the Somerset Cemetery at Somerset, Ohio, has an elaborate base with drapery on the top of the pedestal.

Somerset Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio

Somerset Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio

In the example below found in the Lakewood Cemetery at Minneapolis, Minnesota, the zinc marker has a figure of a child praying with a simple, plain base compared to the example at Somerset.  Though the base is quite different on each of these grave markers, there is no mistaking the similarities between the statues of the child.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The praying child gravestone (below) carved in white marble is located in the Green-Wood Cemetery at Brooklyn, New York.  This praying child image could be manufactured in marble or zinc.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

The example in the Laurel Hill Cemetery at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while still portraying the same praying child, sprouted wings and the child is no longer a child but appears as an angel.

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

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